Japanese Character charts

I made Japanese Kana charts. If you would like, please download from the link below.

All copy rights are on Harupaka. Thank you!



Talk with me in Japanese!

I am a Japanese conversational tutor on italki. If you would like to practice your conversation in Japanese with me, you can book a lesson from the link below!


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★I no longer accept new students on the Preply, but there are plenty of Japanese teachers and tutors there as well. If you prefer Preply with other tutors, please visit the link below. You can receive 30% off on your first lesson on Preply through the link! ↓↓


To apply 30% off on your first lesson on Preply, please click the “View Japanese Language Tutors” button to look for a teacher. You can also look for other languages at the same time. Enjoy learning languages! xx

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