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Nook’s Cranny Outside Box 4

ボックス:Box に:A particle, direction. in this case, “into” 入れた:[verb] past tense of the verb, 入れる, to put things into something 物(もの):thing は、:a particle, subject marker (after the subject) 返却(へんきゃく):[noun] return できません:cannot do カブ:is a name of vegetable, and at the same time, it is a stock. 高額(こうがく):High price 買取(かいとり):purchacing 店内(てんない):Inside the shop のみ:only の:a particle, …

Nook’s Cranny Outside Box 3

ご注意(ちゅうい):Attention, Warning 手数料(てすうりょう):Commission, Fee として:As 店内(てんない):Inside the shop の:A particle, noun connecter 通常(つうじょう):Normal 買取(かいとり):[noun] Buying 価格(かかく):Price 8割(はちわり):80% で:A particle, “at” At the 80% of the normal purchasing price いただきます:[verb, 謙譲語(けんじょうご) which is one of the Keigo]Dictionary Form:頂く(いただく)[meaning] I receive something (foods, presents, etc.) from someone in higher position. 買い取らせていただきます。:[business language] We will buy it.

Nook’s Cranny Outside Box 2

不用品(ふようひん):Non-necessary things 不 means “no”. 用 means “need”. 品 means “products”. こちら:is a polite way to say “This”. 箱(はこ):Box へ:To, towards (a particle) お入(い)れ:[Noun] polite form of the verb, 入(い)れる *お is a polite form, however this お is necessary. 入れる:To put things into something くだされば:verb conjugated to “eば form”, conditional form くださる:[verb] Image is …

Nook’s Cranny Opening Hours

タヌキ商店(しょうてん):Nook’s Cranny 営業(えいぎょう):Sales, (Business) 時間(じかん):Time 営業時間(えいぎょうじかん):Opening hours, business hours 朝(あさ):Morning 8時(じ):8 o’clock ~(から):to (*between time) 夜(よる):Night 10時(じ):10 o’clock 朝8時~夜10時:8:00 to 22:00

Ceremony for the opening of Nook’s Cranny

こんにちは!はるぱかです。Let’s start simple Japanese lesson! たぬきち=Tom Nook たぬき:Racoon タヌキ商店(しょうてん):Nook’s Cranny うんうん:Yes, yes in a casual way. (To show agreement) ほんと(う)に:indeed, absolutely In Kanji: 本当に そのとおり:As you said!, That’s right! だなも:This is how Tom Nook talks. Better not to use in daily life.