Daily Use / Japanese Verbs list

This is for class use. I personally believe that it is better not to translate Japanese verbs into English words. In some cases, fortunately, verbs have same concepts as English, however it does not apply to everything. I want my students to grasp the images of the vocabulary. This list is not for passing the JLPT exam. It is a tool for learning vocabulary used in natural, daily Japanese conversation. にちじょう どうし日常     動詞リスト Ru verb 1. 起きる 2. 寝る 3. 食べる 4. 着る 5. 見る 6. 煮る 7. 揚げる 8. 茹でる 9. 温める 10. 炒める 11. 上げる 12. 下げる 13. 変える 14. 入れる 15. 付ける 16. 壊れる 17. 居る 18. 倒れる 19. 溶ける 20. 隠れる 21. 捨てる 22. 出る 23. 支える 24. 過ぎる 25. 開ける 26. 閉める 27. 加える 28. 調べる 29. 投げる 30. 受ける 31. 伸びる 32. 延びる 33. 忘れる 34. 覚える 35. 焦げる 36. 浴びる […]

Verb Conjugation | Present Tense

In this article, you will learn how to conjugate Japanese verbs into polite form and present tense. If you are a complete beginner, you better to know! Before I explain how verbs conjugation works, you need to know that we have 3 types of conjugational groups in Japanese. And every Japanese dictionary form (= known as infinitive form and/or basic form as well) have ‘U’ VOWEL at the end. Three Verb’s conjugation groups Firstly, you take a verb in a dictionary form. If the verb’s dictionary form finishes with る (ru), it might be る (ru); Otherwise, it is u verb, unless it is not irregular verbs. To find out […]

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