Both おとずれる and たずねる mean to visit, however there is a nuance. Both of them sound formal, so in a casual conversation, おとずれる or たずねる seem unnatural. Instead, we tend to use the verb “to go”. Therefore if you would like to sound natural, I recommend you to use ‘行く (いく・to go)’.


1. Visit place or person because you have a specific reason to visit.

= Because my wisdom tooth suddenly start to hurt, I visited my dentist.

= Because I am a big fan of Shakespeare, I finally got to visit his birth place, Stratford-upon-Avon!


1. Visit place. (* Cannot use for person)

= I have visited South Korea once. I want to go there again.

2. Occasion / situation happens (visit) to somebody.

= The moment that buying a house has finally visited to me. (exact translation)
= I bought a house!

= The moment that becoming a father has finally visited to me. (exact translation)
= I became a father!

3. Seasons visit (us).

= Snow melted, flowers start to bloom, that means spring has come!

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