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不用品(ふようひん):Non-necessary things

  • 不 means “no”.
  • 用 means “need”.
  • 品 means “products”.

こちら:is a polite way to say “This”.


へ:To, towards (a particle)

お入(い)れ:[Noun] polite form of the verb, 入(い)れる

  • *お is a polite form, however this お is necessary.

入れる:To put things into something

くだされば:verb conjugated to “eば form”, conditional form

くださる:[verb] Image is you do it (for us)

買(か)い取(と)り:[Noun] to buy and receive something

代金(だいきん):fee (* image is a money used in exchange for something.)

を:a particle, object marker (after the object)

翌朝(よくあさ):Next morning

たぬきバンク:Racoon Bank

の: a particle, ” ‘s” (I call it as a Noun connecter)

口座(こうざ):Account (Especially a bank account)

へ:a particle, ” to “

Verb ますstem +ませていただきます。:[business language] We will do …

振(ふ)り込(こ)む:to deposit

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